When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Good Intentions

I remember when I first started my nutrition course and I was telling a couple of my friends about my renewed approach to life, that I was focusing on myself, eating more consciously, exercising more and feeling great. One of them asked me “is everything perfect now? Do bad things not happen anymore?” which at the time I thought was an interesting question.  I replied “no, at the end of the day, life is life and stuff is going to happen but it’s about having better tools to deal with them so the overall impact isn’t so negative on your physical wellbeing”. At the time, I was feeling amazing, I had control over my work, was sleeping enough and had the time to do what I really wanted to do (yoga, my course, cook, see friends). So I dispensed these ‘pearls of wisdom’, poured myself another glass of wine and felt good about myself and what I was doing and the fact that I could share it with people I care about.

Maybe I was being a bit smug… everything was going well, I was loving my life and even though I was saying all this like I was a wise old sage, I didn’t think about what it really meant to be on the other side. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reminded of this conversation and the fact that despite best intentions, sometimes you can’t stop life from getting in the way.Continue Reading..

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