Why Healthy Eating Is Anything But Boring

I’ve been really surprised recently by the levels of criticism and vitriol being experienced by some of the current wave of healthy food advocates such as Deliciously Ella who have been condemned as ‘boring’ for following a gluten-free, vegan way of eating which is free of refined sugars and processed foods. Now, I’m not saying that this specific way of eating is the best approach for everyone because we are all different and bio-individuality means that what enriches one person can be challenging for another. Ella’s approach works for her and she has experienced personal benefits changing her diet in this way.

However, this reaction is indicative of the issues some people face when they want to make the move towards a healthier way of living. Friends and family can be unsupportive as you start to explore different options. You may start to feel like you’re that annoying, difficult person who is asking way too many questions about the menu when you’re out for dinner. You feel like you’re being judged for what’s on your plate, “Oh, no bread? Are you being healthy?” In some cases, people may actively try and persuade you to come off the path you’re following, “Come on, why don’t you just have another glass of wine, it won’t hurt you.” The pressure can make you feel boring and restrictive and having a more nourishing approach to food seems like it’s a negative thing.Continue Reading..

Re-evaluating Resolutions

So you’ve started 2015. You have a list of resolutions. This is the year it’s going to change. You’re on a mission. You’re going to lose those 8lbs you’ve always wanted to shed. You’re going to tone up, get fit and do loads of exercise. And you’re off the booze, dry January here you come. Yes! 2015 is the year it’s all going to change and you’re going to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ve bought the latest diet / health book and you’re buying salads and sushi for lunch. And you’re there with the rest of the January gym bunnies as you wait your turn for the treadmill. You’re making some nice healthy meals at home rather than drinking in the evening (and it’s actually great because the weather is awful and cozying up on the sofa watching Game of Thrones is really appealing).

Throughout January you’re feeling fantastic, you’re losing some weight, you’ve got a bit of a glow and you’re feeling less lethargic. This carries on for the first couple of weeks in February too. But at some point, as always, life just gets in the way. Work is a bit manic so your 3 day per week gym routine goes down to 1 and then a bit more sporadic as you start to try and squeeze it in amongst your other obligations. And you’ve been avoiding carbs so when it’s your friend’s birthday meal, you literally devour the bread basket. Then after a really stressful day, you’re just craving cake (which you’ve been avoiding for weeks) so you pass by the shops on the way home and eat half a Sara Lee while you’re watching House of Cards on Netflix.Continue Reading..

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