Perhaps it’s a cliché. “Burnt out, overworked, party-loving Londoner finds balance and happiness in healthy lifestyle”. Yes, you’ve probably read it before and yes, that’s me. But it’s only a cliché because it seems to happen a lot. And something needs to change.

City life is vibrant, exciting, frenetic, varied, diverse – and that’s why we live here. We want to consume the cultural riches, savour the friendships, relish all the fun there is on offer. Which would be fine, if that didn’t go hand in hand with a working culture that seems to be built on stress, long hours and unbearable commutes. So we end up socialising loads, working ridiculously hard and having limited time to really think about and take care of ourselves.

Me in a nutshell. I led the typical busy London lifestyle. Work took over most of my life. When I wasn’t working, I was going out. I never cooked (check out my blog post which describes the extent of my ‘cooking’ at that time). Drank loads. Dabbled in exercise in very short phases. And it just wasn’t sustainable. Shingles, RSI, tonsillitis, bad back, bad skin… and I was always tired.


“I’m the founder of MISSION, which aims to give people the tools to make healthier choices, lead more balanced lives and improve their overall health and wellbeing. ”

― Ollie Oshodi

So I stopped drinking for a little while, started exercising more and began looking into different ways of living and as a consequence, eating. I started to understand the importance of good nutrition in overall wellbeing. And I began to appreciate that I needed to make some ongoing changes to achieve the balance my mind and body were craving. I took myself on holiday to LA where I embraced the California lifestyle and just loved the way exercise, healthy food, and healthier living was just a normal part of many people’s lives. And I was inspired to bring some of that ethos back to my life in London where I started cooking more, exercising more, partying less and tried to get more of a work/life balance. As I learned more, I realised that my story was in no way unique and wanted to do something to help other people find a more balanced way of living too.

Which takes us to now. I’m the founder of MISSION, which gives people the tools to make healthier choices, lead more balanced lives and improve their overall health and wellbeing. And let’s be realistic, nobody is perfect and we’re all human so MISSION isn’t about preaching to you like some glorious angel of holistic perfection who may feel a little alien to who you actually are as a person.

However, it is about finding a life approach that works for YOU, makes you feel amazing and helps you to deal with the natural stresses of everyday living more effectively. And MISSION is here to support that with Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, group coaching, workshops, events and more. We’re on a MISSION to make a real and positive difference to your life.


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